Pricing — Fix WordPress Issues

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How much does it cost to fix WordPress?

Our US-Based WordPress Developers are ready and waiting to get your WordPress issue fixed.

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[ux_price_table title=”Speed Optimization” price=”$199″ description=”When Purchased as an add-on” radius=”10″ depth_hover=”2″]

Are you looking to speed up your WordPress website?

[bullet_item text=”Premium Cache Plugin Install and Setup”]

[bullet_item text=”Image Optimization”]

[bullet_item text=”Plugin Audit”]

[bullet_item text=”Database Optimization & Cleanup”]

[bullet_item text=”Anti-heartbeat Setup”]

[bullet_item text=”Speed Optimization Report”]

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[ux_price_table title=”Fix One WordPress Issue” price=”$39″ description=”Flat Rate” featured=”true” radius=”10″ depth_hover=”2″]

Have an issue on your WordPress site? We will fix it for one low price.

[bullet_item text=”We will fix 1 issue” tooltip=”Do you have a WordPress issue that is driving you mad? If so let us fix it for you. We will fix any single issue for only $39. If we can’t fix it we will refund your money. You have nothing to lose!”]

[bullet_item text=”Platform Issues” tooltip=”WordPress can be funky and new versions can cause issues.”]

[bullet_item text=”Theme Issues” tooltip=”Is there something strange going on inside your WordPress theme?”]

[bullet_item text=”Plugin Issues” tooltip=”Plug-in conflicts happen often and can be a daunting task to fix.”]

[bullet_item text=”General Issues” tooltip=”Have something that just does not make sense and you need it fixed?”]

Does not include malware cleanup. If your website is hacked view our Hacked Website Service.

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[ux_price_table title=”Unlimited Fixes” price=”$99″ description=”Per Month and up” radius=”10″ depth_hover=”2″]

Looking for peace of mind with WordPress management?

[bullet_item text=”Unlimited Fixes”]

[bullet_item text=”Security Protection”]

[bullet_item text=”Cloud Backups”]

[bullet_item text=”Monthly Software Updates”]

[bullet_item text=”Performance Scans”]

[bullet_item text=”Uptime Monitoring”]

[bullet_item text=”Monthly PDF Report”]

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Have mulitple issues or need ongoing assistance? View WordPress Management

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