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Fully Managed PPC Plan Pricing

Pay Per Click (PPC) management for Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn ads.

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[ux_price_table title=”PPC Management” price=”$499/month” description=”Plus Setup Fees & 20% of Your Monthly Ad Spend” featured=”true” radius=”10″ depth_hover=”2″]

[bullet_item text=”Professional Management” tooltip=”Top to bottom management of your account from keyword selection to ongoing refinements and negative keyword management.”]

[bullet_item text=”Setup New Account or Onboard Existing Account” tooltip=”For new accounts, we start fresh and build the best possible account from day one. For existing accounts, we create a strategy to bring your account to where it needs to be without trashing anything positive that may already exist.”]

[bullet_item text=”Includes 100 Keywords” tooltip=”Additional keywords are billed at $100 per 100 keywords.”]

[bullet_item text=”Ad Copy Writing & Optimization” tooltip=”We write expert ad copy on all our accounts. We start with two ads per ad group, then continuously test new variants to make sure we’re squeezing out the absolute highest Click-Through Rate possible.”]

[bullet_item text=”Business Goal Definition and Conversion Setup” tooltip=”We work with you to identify your lead generation goals, whether they are phone calls, emails, sales, or some other action such as a newsletter signup.”]

[bullet_item text=”Tracking Code Installation” tooltip=”We install all tracking codes on your website and make any advanced connections necessary so that your Goals & Conversions data passes back into your reports.”]

[bullet_item text=”Call Tracking Setup” tooltip=”We set up call tracking to ensure that every phone call into your business is tracked as a lead attributed to the correct source. Additional fees apply for usage.”]

[bullet_item text=”Mobile Targeting” tooltip=”We setup mobile targeting on all campaigns.”]

[bullet_item text=”Remarketing Ads ” tooltip=”To make sure you’re getting the absolute lowest cost per acquisition, we set up Retargeting on all campaigns.”]

[bullet_item text=”You Retain Admin Access to All Your Accounts” tooltip=”At any time you can log into your Adwords account, and even view change history so you can see for yourself all the work we are doing on the account. This provides full transparency of the work we are doing on your account.”]

[bullet_item text=”Custom Reporting with our Marketing Dashboard” tooltip=”You’ll have 24/7 access to our Marketing Dashboard which will allow you to track every aspect of your business online, including PPC, SEO, Social Media, and so much more.”]

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