TOS – Fix WordPress Issues

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Fix WordPress Issues Refund & Service Policy

The following policies are applicable to our WordPress Ticket service only. All other products and services are covered by the General refunds Policy.

  1. If we attempt to but cannot fix your WordPress issue, we will refund your payment.
  2. We do not offer refunds for any other reason, including: you fixed the issue yourself; you no longer need the issue fixed; you no longer want the issue fixed; you submitted a multi-step/complex WordPress fix which is not definable as one issue and therefore not covered with this service; you did not read our terms and conditions. In these cases, your support ticket will be held as a credit for a future fix with no exceptions.
  3. If we diagnose that your website has been hacked, this will be considered the full usage of a WordPress support ticket, as diagnosing and locating hacked code is in itself a professional service.
  4. This service is not available for web developers or marketing companies.
  5. Phone, live chat, or screen-share support is not included with this service, however, you may purchase a block of retainer time to schedule such a call.
  6. With this service we cannot accommodate requests to work on your site at a specific time of day. If you are concerned about us troubleshooting your website during business hours, we can clone your website to our development server.
  7. We reserve the right to not accept an issue that we feel is not a good fit for this service. Examples of issues not covered by this service include:

    • Any interaction with 3rd party API or service, e.g., Infusionsoft
    • AWS Amazon Web Services Issues
    • Hacked Website Issues
    • Responsive website CSS for a whole page or website
    • Any task that requires RDP / Remote Desktop
    • Any task that requires MySQL access
    • Payment Processor (, Stripe, TSYS, et al) issues and debugging
    • Localhost/LAMP/MAMP tasks
    • Website cloning & website migration
    • Complex Woocommerce issues or creating new products
    • Adding functions (search, widget, new layouts, etc)
    • Plugin conflicts
    • Theme or plugin bugs (especially known, unfixable known bugs)

If we do take a task with any of the above issues, providing you with the diagnosis of the issue will be considered the full usage of a WordPress support ticket, as diagnosing and locating advanced issues is in itself a professional service.

WordPress Management Cancellation Policy

  • This is a 12-month contract which will automatically renew on a month to month basis at end of the term.
  • The client may terminate this contract after a period of six months by giving 60 days prior notice via email to us.