Professional Local Marketing

Single or multi-location local search campaigns with manual citation audits, cleanup and custom citation building for specific niches.


Consistent citations every time. We have exhaustive systems in place to make sure we never miss.


No order is ever the same. We spend hours researching your city, niche & competition before building a thing.


Using internal, and advanced 3rd party ticketing systems, you’ll never find yourself out of the loop.

Start with a Local Marketing Citations Audit

Local MarkEting Audit

For local ranking power, citations are kind of a big deal. These little profiles, each containing your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) have a powerful overall effect on your rankings. When they’re correct, they can push you to the top. 

But, what about incorrect or inconsistent citations? 
What happens when the name is wrong, or the address and phone numbers are out-of-date? That’s when you see the reverse effect. Your rankings plunge as you’re forced to compete against your own listings. Your sales will soon follow if your customers are being sent to the wrong locations or calling the wrong numbers. With hundreds of citation sites out there, hunting down the bad ones feels like the world’s most frustrating game of whack-a-mole. 

Our Local Marketing Citation Audit Solves The Problem. Here's what we'll cover:

NAP Variations: We’ll start by finding the existing variations (previous and current) of your name, address and phone number. Both manual and automatic searches are used to review as many citations as possible.

Existing Correct Citations: We’ll be able to tell you what you’re doing right and you’ll get a sourced list of places where you can find your correct citations. A catalog if you will. What you should have had from the start.

Existing Incorrect Citations: Here’s what you came here for. We’ll track down your bad citations, and tell you where they went wrong. Even if you don’t need us to help you fix them, you’ll know where to find them.

Aggregator Checks: You may have paid aggregators to spread your citations around. These tools submit to a large number of directories. When you have a lot of bad citations around, it can usually be traced back to one of these bad boys. We’ll tell you who needs your attention.

Data Aggregators Citations: If you’re subscribed to Localeze, Yext or other common directory sites, we collect them together so you can update all of your information just by logging in.

Local Marketing Services & Pricing

Citation Cleanup
Per Business Location
Standardize NAP
Perfect Your Citation Profile
6 Weeks Start to Finish
Exhaustive Outreach
Increase Your Rankings
Expert Work
White Label Available For Creative Agencies
Fix My Citations
Citation Building
90 Local Business Directories
40 Video Citations
40 Photo Citations
40 Social Media Citations
Increase Your Rankings
Expert Work
White Label Available For Creative Agencies
Get Started
Monthly Citations
10 Local Business Directories
30 Unstructured Citations
Monthly Rankings
Free Local Search Guidance
Expert Work
White Label Available For Creative Agencies
Fix My Citations