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  • Professional Management of Pay Per Click Advertising accounts including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook, AdRoll, Instagram & LinkedIn.
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Why settle for less than our industry-leading PPC Management services?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an Internet marketing model based on the use of ads on search engine results pages (SERPs) to generate visitors to your business website. PPC management involves designing and optimizing a PPC campaign to produce maximum results.

Most people have heard of the Google Ads service (Formerly Google AdWords until 7/24/2018). It’s Google’s online advertising platform that displays brief advertisements, apps, service offerings, product listings, and video content to web users. The ads appear on the Google search network and on the display network: websites that have agreed to host Google ads.

Look at the top of a Google SERP for listings marked as “Sponsored” or with a small yellow “Ad” tag. Every time one of those ads is clicked, the advertiser pays a small fee. It’s a way for marketers to buy site visitors rather than solely depending on capturing them for free via the organic or non-paid search results.

PPC advertising is a great way to augment your organic search/SEO marketing campaign.

Although display ads can be effective, search network placement is one of the most popular PPC strategies. Google uses keyword matching functions to put a seller’s product directly in front of people who are specifically searching for it. Keywords used by the advertiser are compared with terms users include in their search queries. Advertisers bid to have their ad appear among the sponsored links when a searcher uses a relevant keyword.

PPC helps your business connect with search users looking for products and services like the ones you sell. It lets you respond to a searcher’s needs with an offer that is relevant to the search query. It’s a very cost-effective way to bring interested visitors to your site, and the PPC management pros at Wodu Media are specialists when it comes to maximizing return on investment (ROI) on PPC campaigns.

The Elements of a Great PPC Campaign

PPC marketing works for almost any kind of business. It can help build brand awareness, generate leads for a service-based business, bring customers to an eCommerce website, or drive phone calls and foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar store.

Leveraging Google Ads for PPC marketing is imperative because Google is the most popular search engine. The enormous volume of traffic moving through Google will yield the highest volume of clicks on ads.

A winning PPC strategy has a lot of moving parts, beginning with keyword research and gathering a collection of effective keywords. Organizing campaigns and ad groups, building PPC landing pages, and optimizing them to produce conversions – all together, PPC management is a full-time job.

The most successful Google Ads advertisers continuously grow and refine their PPC keyword list.

Expert keyword research is critical to PPC marketing success, and it is an ongoing concern. Running keyword research one time only – when creating your first PPC campaign – sets you up to miss out on hundreds of thousands of long-tail, low-cost, highly-relevant keywords that could drive substantial traffic to your site. But it can be difficult for small businesses to find adequate time and the required skills needed to put on an excellent PPC campaign.

That’s why so many organizations trust Wodu Media to bring the research expertise, comprehensive strategic vision, and updated knowledge of Google search algorithms needed to design and operate revenue-boosting PPC campaigns.

Our PPC Management services go the extra mile:

  • PPC Keyword Research – We research your industry and target audience to identify the most effective keywords for your campaign. This allows you to target the keywords that generate the most leads and the best ROI.
  • Competitive Analysis – We have access to your competitors’ back data including every PPC keyword, ad variation, and account spend over the past 10 years. This treasure trove of data empowers us to rapidly identify your most valuable keywords and quickly get your PPC campaign launched and working for you.
  • PPC Audits & Action Plans – We regularly audit your campaign’s performance to ensure that we’re making every penny count. Taking a closer look at current or previous campaigns can help you discover new opportunities and minimize overspending.
  • Ongoing Optimization – We don’t do “set it and forget it”. At Wodu Media, we invest time in constant updates, tests, and modifications – we make 500+ changes per week to the average account. It’s all about helping you get the most out of your investment.

What is included with our PPC Management Packages?

  • Professional Management – We offer full-service PPC account management including initial keyword selection, ongoing refinements, and negative keyword management.
  • New Account Setups or Existing Account Onboarding –– If you are just getting started, we will build you the best possible account from day one. If you have an account, we will optimize performance while preserving what is working and remediating what is not.
  • Free Starter Keywords – All our packages include 100 Keywords (Additional keywords billed at $100 per 100).
  • Ad Copy Writing & Landing Page Optimization – We provide expertly-written ad copy starting with two ads per group, then continually testing new variants to ensure we’re getting the highest possible Click-Through Rate. We also go beyond the ad to place engaging copy on landing pages optimized to increase conversion rates.
  • Business Goal Definition and Conversion Setup – We help you identify lead generation goals whether you are looking for emails, phone calls, sales, or other actions such as newsletter signups. We then position you to generate high conversion rates.
  • Tracking Code Installation – We handle the installation of tracking codes on your website and set up any advanced connections needed to have Google Analytics Goals & Conversions data passed back into your reports.
  • Call Tracking Setup – We set up call tracking to ensure that every inbound phone call to your business is tracked as a lead and attributed to the correct source. (Additional fees apply for usage.)
  • Mobile Targeting – We setup mobile location ad targeting on all campaigns.
  • Remarketing Campaigns – We ensure you’re achieving the absolute lowest cost per acquisition by setting up Retargeting ad functions on all Google ad campaigns.
  • You Retain Admin Access to All Your Accounts – We provide full transparency. Log into your Google Ads account and view change history to track our work.
  • Custom Reporting with our Marketing Dashboard – Our innovative Marketing Dashboard gives you 24/7 access to all facets of your online marketing program: PPC, SEO, Social Media, and more.

Get powerful results from your PPC marketing spend without playing guessing games and wasting valuable time that should be spent running your business. Contact Wodu Media today to find a PPC management strategy that is right for your company.

PPC Management

Plus Setup Fees
$499Per Month
  • Professional Management Top to bottom management of your account from keyword selection to ongoing refinements and negative keyword management.
  • Setup New Account or Onboard Existing Account For new accounts, we start fresh and build the best possible account from day one. For existing accounts, we create a strategy to bring your account to where it needs to be without trashing anything positive that may already exist.
  • Includes 100 Keywords Additional keywords are billed at $100 per 100 keywords.
  • Ad Copy Writing & Optimization We write expert ad copy on all our accounts. We start with two ads per ad group, then continuously test new variants to make sure we're squeezing out the absolute highest Click-Through Rate possible.
  • Business Goal Definition and Conversion Setup We work with you to identify your lead generation goals, whether they are phone calls, emails, sales, or some other action such as a newsletter signup.
  • Tracking Code Installation We install all tracking codes on your website and make any advanced connections necessary so that your Goals & Conversions data passes back into your reports.
  • Call Tracking Setup We set up call tracking to ensure that every phone call into your business is tracked as a lead attributed to the correct source. Additional fees apply for usage.
  • Mobile Targeting We setup mobile targeting on all campaigns.
  • Remarketing Ads To make sure you're getting the absolute lowest cost per acquisition, we set up Retargeting on all campaigns.
  • Custom Reporting with our Marketing Dashboard You'll have 24/7 access to our Marketing Dashboard which will allow you to track every aspect of your business online, including PPC, SEO, Social Media, and so much more.

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