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Our local SEO audits, site cleanups, and citation building services will keep you ranked ahead of the competition. Single & Multi-Location. Google® Partner

  • Improve local search results rankings.
  • Find all online NAP variations.
  • Locate and list incorrect citations.



Does your business rank well in local search results?

Local SEO marketing involves optimizing a company’s online presence to increase traffic generated by location-based searches. Also known as local search optimization, it is a critical strategy for both small single-location businesses and multi-location enterprises that need to build online visibility for their brick-and-mortar locations. Wodu Media’s local SEO audits, site cleanups, and citation building services will help you rank higher in local search results.

Google reports that 46% of all searches now have a “local intent”.

Local search queries typically include a named location or “near me”. When modifiers like this are included, or the searcher uses Google Maps, search engines recognize that the user is looking for suggestions based on location. General organic SEO is basically focused on making an individual website visible. In contrast, local SEO strategies rely on creating search-relevant signals that point to a specific geographic location.

Local search marketing is any online marketing effort that is carried out to promote a physical business that makes face-to-face contact with customers. Companies that meet customers directly like this are known as local businesses. A unique set of optimization techniques are used to make these businesses appear high on search results pages. The Wodu Media Internet Marketing team knows what it takes to convert the local search user into a new customer.

Citations: A Key to Local SEO Marketing

A citation is any online listing of your business NAPW information (Name, Address, Phone number, Website URL). Citations often appear in online directories or on business listings websites. NAPW citations have a powerful overall effect on local search rankings. Making sure citations are error-free, up-to-date, and placed on the most relevant websites is a foundational aspect of effective local SEO strategy.

Finding incorrect information in online directories frustrates consumers, and 80% lose trust in a local business when they see incorrect or inconsistent business names or contact details online.

It is common to see businesses with incorrect NAPW information online. These companies risk losing potential customers and even turning away established clientele. Many consumers have been personally inconvenienced by incorrect business contact details found online. This can lead not only to lost sales but also to negative reviews and social media coverage. We make it our job to ensure this does not happen to your business.

Make Citations Work For You

Take control of your citations with our Local Marketing Citation Audit. The audit process includes:

  • Identifying NAP Variations – We use manual and automatic searches to review as many citations as possible and find all existing online variations of your business name, address, and phone number.
  • Locating Existing Correct Citations – We find out what you are doing right and provide a list of places where your correct citations are found.
  • Locating Existing Incorrect Citations – We track down your incorrect citations and tell you where they went wrong. You will know where to find them, or we can help you fix them.
  • Checking Aggregators – You may have paid one or more aggregators to submit citations to a large number of directories. If you have a lot of bad citations online, it can often be traced back to one of these services. We will identify the source of the problem for you.
  • Simplifying Citation Updates – If you are subscribed to Localeze, Yext, or other common directory sites, we will collect them together so you can update all of your information just by logging in.

Accurate and well-placed NAPW citations can improve your ranking on local search engine results pages. Incorrect information will have the opposite effect. Your search results rankings will plunge and sales figures will follow as customers go to the wrong locations or call the wrong numbers. With hundreds of citation websites out there, hunting down bad citations can be the world’s most frustrating game of whack-a-mole. This is why a Wodu Media Local Marketing Citation Audit can be such a life saver. Get your citation audit started now.

Local SEO Cleanup

$949Per Business Location
  • Conduct Exhaustive Outreach
  • Standardize Your NAP
  • Perfect Your Citation Profile
  • Improve Your Rankings
  • Start to Finish: 6 Weeks
  • Expert Work
  • White Label Available For Creative Agencies

Local SEO Citations

  • 90 Local Business Directory Entries
  • 40 Video Citations
  • 40 Photo Citations
  • 40 Social Media Citations
  • Increase Your Rankings
  • Expert Work
  • White Label Available For Creative Agencies

Local SEO Citations

  • 10 Local Business Directories
  • 30 Unstructured Citations
  • Monthly Rankings
  • Free Local Search Guidance
  • Expert Work
  • White Label Available For Creative Agencies

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