Who owns the most servers?

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A Visual Comparison of Dedicated Servers by Company

The tech industry’s major players require some serious firepower when it comes to servers. Here is a breakdown of how these giants stack up against each other. Who owns the most servers?

The company that owns the most servers is Google, with more than 1 million servers estimated. It is speculated that Google owns more than 2 percent of all the world’s servers.

Intel owns 100,000 servers. In terms of revenue, Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker.

1&1 Internet has 70,000 servers. It’s one of the world’s largest Web hosting services.

OVH has 65,000 servers. It’s the popular choice in Europe for budget Web hosting services.

Rackspace has 56,671 servers. The San Antonio based IT company specializes in service and support.

The Planet has 48,500 servers. It currently hosts over 15 million sites around the globe.

Facebook has 30,000 servers. The premier social networking site has over 350 million registered users.

SBC Comm. has 29,193 servers. The AT&T–owned company specializes in local wireless Internet service.

Verizon has 25,788 servers. The company provides telecommunications and broadband services.

Time Warner Cable has 24,817 servers. The cable company operates in 27 states.

Softlayer has 21,000 servers. The company provides hosting and on-demand media.

AT&T has 20,268 servers. The company is the largest phone provider in the U.S.

Peer1/Serverbeach has 10,277 servers. The company is a Web hosting provider built on the Peer1 network.

iWeb has 10,000 servers. iWeb is a website creation service that was developed by Apple.

Companies that don’t disclose their server numbers but that are estimated to have more than 50,000 include: Microsoft, eBay, HP/EDS, GoDaddy, Amazon, Yahoo and IBM.