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Jeff Bridges photographed by Michael Muller Jeff Bridges photographed by Michael Muller

Michael Muller Portrait“Let’s be honest with ourselves, our minds are loud. I try to capture the energy of a person who is being true to themselves. This I believe is the essence of a photograph. When people view my work, I want to evoke emotion.” Michael Muller

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman by Michael Muller

Michael Muller Biography
Raised in Northern California by Thomas and Janiece Muller, Michael spent much of his youth traveling to more than fourty-five different countries due to his family’s move toSaudi Arabia where his father over saw the building of Jubail. It was here that he was first inspired to pick up a camera after he saw the joy that his father derived from taking pictures.

After returning back to the United States; Michael at the age of fifteen began photographing the sport of snowboarding. Within a year, he saw his first photographs published.

With little documented photographic experience, he was accepted into the Otis Parsons School of Design with advanced placement. After one short semester he found himself an art school dropout.

Michael then embarked on a journey of self-education. By the time he was twenty-two, running on talent alone, he began photographing some of the most prestigious names in the entertainment and fashion industry.

His work has graced the covers and pages of magazines including: Glamour, Elle, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, Detour, Spin, Flaunt, , The New Yorker, Sky, Marie Claire, Premiere, Espn, Glamour, Esquire, Interview and Time Magazine.

Speedo by Michael Muller

Michael has worked on campaigns for SPEEDO, NIKE, AIRWALK, DITA EYEWEAR, DODGE, FOUR SEASONS, and CINGULAR. He also just finished shooting for the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and Jerry Lee Lewis new Album’s. Michael also just completed work on SPIDERMAN 3, FANTASTIC 4, HEROS, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS as well as many other film and television projects.

After more than a decade and a half of living, traveling, and working in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris, at the age of thirty six, Michael once again calls Los Angeles his home. Michael is married with a daughter.

Michael’s unique; signature style speaks for itself. His passion for the art and commerce of photography can easily be felt by simply looking at his pictures. “When people view my work, I simply want to evoke emotion.”- M. Muller

Michael Muller Statement
Let’s be honest with ourselves, our minds are loud. A never-ending chatter of thoughts, schemes and fears. One of the most sought after treasures on Earth is peace of mind. For myself, I have found only two avenues to this nirvana, and one is underwater. My mind goes quiet. Time stands still. The worries above sink below. I am at one with the universe.

Without water, there could be no life.
Every living thing needs water to live, and every living thing is made of at least some water.
The human brain is 75% water.
So with bringing my subjects under water, I surrender. I HAVE NO CONTROL. I leave it to the universe to supply the magic I can only try to emulate on land. There is always movement, but always stillness. There is nothing between my subject and me but a mass of energy that I am powerless against. I love it.
I am humbled and honored to present this body of work to The Art of Elysium. My hope and dream is that every child out there gets the bliss of quiet in their minds.
-Michael Muller